Databases, Journals, and Blogs, Annotated


ELO Repository.  Database of online journals, works of electronic literature, community archives, and other digital materials archived for non-ELO organizations.


Electronic Literature As a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice, ELMCIP. A collaboration of eight European research communities focusing on the electronic literature community in Europe, with an excellent database of European elit works.
I ♥ E-Poetry.  Includes databases on children’s literature, games, bots, codeworks, and other resources.
Born Magazine.  Now an archive featuring over 400 projects and 900 contributors, typically combining verbal works with graphic design, animations, and other visual effects.
Journals and Blogs: Zine for the arts.  Born-digital art community based on the web and affiliated with the New Museum in New York City, featuring a blog, software developed in-house, exhibitions and more.


Drunken Boat. One of the oldest electronic journals of the arts, publishing over a thousand contributors.